Membership Benefits

Following are the Benefits of the Member:-

  1. Entitlement to write Member-IEP against Name.
  2. Discounted Fee for CPD Programmes.
  3. Free Subscription of Newsletter/Journal.
  4. Provides platform to present technical papers and share knowledge and experience.
  5. Participation in professional activities.

The main goal of THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS, PAKISTAN is to Build Better World as also inscribed in its logo. The Aims and Objectives of the Institution as mentioned in the Constitution and Bye-Laws are to:

  1. Promote and advance the science, practice, and business of Engineering in all its branches throughout Pakistan.
  2. Promote efficiency in the Engineering practices and profession.
  3. Regulate the professional activities and assist in maintaining high standard in the general conduct of its members.
  4. Lay down the professional code of ethics and to make it mandatory for its members in their professional conduct.
  5. Help in the acquisition and exchange of technical knowledge.
  6. Promote professional interest and social welfare of its members.
  7. Encourage original research in Engineering, conservation and economic utilization of the resources of the country.
  8. Foster co-ordination with similar institutions in other countries and educational institutions in Pakistan and abroad for mutual benefits.
  9. To disseminate information and knowledge among Engineers through lectures, conferences, seminars and publication of journal and papers.
  10. Cooperate with various government agencies and industrial enterprises advising them in matters concerning the profession and practice of Engineering and promotion of technical education.